Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pokemon Indigo League #ReadThemAllThon TBR

I will be participating in the #ReadThemAllThon hosted by readatmidnight with signups/full rules here. This readathon has two parts, first to read 8 books over 3 weeks (August 14th - September 4th) with challenges corresponding to the Pokemon Indigo League. The second is to chose a pokemon which you can level up by completing different challenges. Here is my potential TBR (that will probably change because I can't set a tbr 2-weeks in advance ha). 

The pokemon I'm choosing is Bulbasaur (because I know very little about pokemon, beyond pokemon go, and this one is cute).

For this challenge I plan on reading Cinder. I've had this on tbr for a few years, and had already planned on trying to read it in August, so perfect excuse to start a new series (which I'm trying to avoid at the moment). 400 pages, potential +40 cp.

I have started and put down The Fault in Our Stars a few times now, I'm not entirely sure why as I like John Greens writing, and have liked what I've read. So I vow to fix that during this challenge. 337 pages, potential +33 cp.

With the movie coming out this year I'd really like to get The Girl on the Train finished. It also helps me on a few of the yearly challenges I am trying to complete. 336 pages, potential +33 cp.

This is the challenge probably most likely to change, I just have to many options. So I'll pick Go Your Own Way for now, and see what I feel like during the challenge. 326 pages, potential +32 cp.

I recently read my first Jennifer E. Smith book, so think I'm going to continue picking up her books and read This is What Happy Looks Like. 404 pages, potential +40 cp. 

This is another challenge that could end up changing, but I've been on a series kick lately and this is a long series (plus a quick book added in might be nice) I'm picking Undead and Unworthy. 264 pages, potential +26 cp. 

I've been really excited to check this book out, and with the next book about to come out figure its about time, Illuminae (also points). 599 pages, potential +59 cp. 

Finally to finish off a series (that I had already completed at one point), I'm choosing The Shade of the Moon for this challenge. 288 pages, potential +28 cp. 

If I complete each book, and add in the completion bonuses, I have the potential to earn 451 cp (plus any other challenges I'll complete). This looks like it will be a lot of fun, and I can't wait to get started!

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